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The Cape Rottweiler Club is a progressive dog club that prides itself on promoting humane and positive, science-based training and handling methods. We actively endeavour to treat the dogs under our care with dignity and respect, recognising that they are sentient beings capable of feeling pain, fear, anxiety and distress as well as contentment, social attachment and pleasure.

At the Cape Rottweiler Club we offer puppy classes, basic obedience classes (including preparation for the Canine Good Citizen Test) and competition obedience training. In all our classes the dogs are motivated to work with their owners through positive reinforcement: we believe in careful and intelligent training that sets our dogs up to succeed so that we can reward those behaviours we want to encourage. This promotes a positive emotional state in our dogs and a willingness to work with us as a team. We do not use coercive training methods as these often lead to fear and avoidance resulting in inhibited learning

As a club that initially arose out of a previously disadvantaged area, we see one of our core goals as education of the general dog-owning public to improve the quality of life for both dogs and owners. This includes sharing information on sterilization, health concerns, nutrition, general animal husbandry and responsible dog ownership. In addition we advocate only carefully-considered breeding of registered dogs that have been shown to be suitable in both health and temperament.

History of the Cape Rottweiler Club

The Cape Rottweiler Club, affiliated to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa was founded in 2007 and is a Rottweiler specialist club, training all breeds of dogs. The club training grounds are located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town at the Chukker Road Sports Complex, Lansdowne. The club enjoys a varied membership base from both show goers and the general companion dog owners.

The intent of the club is to promote good fellowship and friendly interaction amongst all persons who have the interest of dogs and especially of the Rottweiler at heart. Everyone is most welcome to pop into our training grounds and join us for a cup of tea or coffee and the chance to chat with other dog owners, trainers and breeders.


Training fees

Non-training membership R300.00 per annum
Basic obedience membership R800.00 per annum
Family membership R900.00 per annum
Junior membership (child still attending school) R400.00 per annum
I.P.O protection training per dog R300.00 per month

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